Page 9 - RSB Annual Report 2020 English
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ABOUT THE RSB Our vision is to become a leading example of regulatory practice in the Gulf region. Our mission is to support Dubai’s economic, social, and environmental objectives through development of an effective, independent, and transparent regulatory regime for the emirate’s electricity and water sector. The RSB was established by Executive Council Resolution Number 2 of 2010. We work under the auspices of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, developing regulatory frameworks to support Dubai’s development through secure and affordable energy supply and efficient energy use, while meeting environmental and sustainability objectives. Supporting the implementation of the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030 and Clean Energy Strategy 2050 is central to our role. By 2030 the aim is to raise energy efficiency by 30% and the electricity generation mix, currently dominated by gas, is to be transformed, particularly by the addition of large and small scale renewables. We licence and regulate independent power & water producers, ensuring new entrants to the sector deliver safe, reliable, and efficient services to the benefit of all in Dubai. Private sector participation in electricity and water production brings technology, expertise and capital to the energy sector and is governed by Law Number 6 of 2011. We develop and administer frameworks to encourage greater energy efficiency in buildings. Our energy service company (ESCO) and energy auditor accreditation schemes are designed to build trust and make the process of contracting for energy services smoother for accredited entities and their clients. We work to promote the adoption of efficient cooling solutions, including district cooling. 

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