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Regulating Efficient Cooling

Cooling is Dubai’s major energy use and features in many of the DSM Strategy’s programmes. The RSB leads on Programme 4: Efficient Cooling. On the supply side it aims to improve the efficiency with which cooling energy is produced and delivered to consumers. On the demand side it seeks to improve the experience for customers of district cooling through regulation of the sector.


Executive Council Resolution (6) of 2021 has created a regulatory regime for the District Cooling Sector in which District Cooling Services can only be provided by those who have been authorized by the RSB. The regime grants the RSB powers to set technical standards, prescribe measures that a Service Provider can take against customers in arrears, resolve disputes, approve the basis of charging and approve the standard contracts for the provision of District Cooling Services. The Supreme Council Of Energy is the authority that approves all charges tariffs and fees, levied for District Cooling Services.

Executive Order 27 encourages the use of recycled water in district cooling applications, and requires thermal energy storage facilities at new, large district cooling plant. The RSB is responsible for overseeing compliance with those regulations.

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Standards, Codes & Regulations

The RSB intends to issue a series of Regulatory Documents detailing the regulations governing the sector. They will be made available here on our website as they are issued.