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Annual Report 2020     ⁞ I would like to start my review of the year where the Chairman finished his foreword – by thanking my colleagues and the RSB board for the way they responded to the challenges we faced from March onwards in continuing to deliver our objectives for the year and meet our stakeholders’ expectations. ⁞ We embraced remote working with the support of our IT colleagues. Like many organisations we found some benefits from the move to online working. We embraced the enthusiasm for webinars and discovered the ease with which we could organise timely and targeted events. Our return to a combination of remote and in office working has, likewise, been effective and opened up new opportunities to find the best working methods to suit the organisation’s needs, reflected in Dubai government’s adoption of a remote working policy framework. ⁞ The licensing of new entrants to the emirate’s power and water sector remains at the heart of our activity. A major milestone was achieved in 2020 with the RSB having licensed more than 5GW of generation capacity. The regime showed itself capable of evolution with a project under the “IPP Law” initiated by Dubai Municipality. The municipality’s waste to energy plant required collaboration, creativity and flexibility across different concerned government departments to address the novel legal and technical issues it raises.                        RSB 13  

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