Page 15 - RSB Annual Report 2020 English
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⁞ Aside from these core activities we supported the Supreme Council of Energy in other ways in 2020. We dealt with two substantial complaints received by the council. The first concerned the supply of district cooling to a shopping mall. We considered a number of technical and contractual matters raised by the complainant and were pleased that the council accepted our recommendations in full. The second complaint concerned the supply of gas to a residential building. This raised issues concerning the rights of building owners in master-developed communities. As well as addressing the specific complaint, our report to the council led to its issuing a resolution addressing the broader topic. ⁞ As we look forward, the most significant development since the end of 2020 has been the creation of a regulatory regime for district cooling. Executive Council Resolution 6 of 2021 represents a comprehensive package of regulation, establishing the RSB as the sector regulator and containing provisions governing pricing, contracts, standards, and complaint handling. 2021 will be taken up with development of these provisions ahead of the regime coming into full effect in early 2022. Annual Report 2020                               EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REVIEW  RSB 15  

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