Page 17 - RSB Annual Report 2020 English
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⁞ A major milestone was achieved in 2020 with the RSB having licensed more than 5GW of generation capacity. The licensing of Shuaa Energy 3 in August brought the total to 5,299MW. SHUAA ENERGY 800MW full capacity in 2021 SHUAA ENERGY SOLAR PARK 900MW full capacity in 2023 Annual Report 2020  ⁞ Notwithstanding some delays in the construction and commissioning of power plant due to the pandemic restricting movement of people and equipment, activities continued in the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park and Hassyan Energy site. ⁞ Shuaa Energy 3, the 5th phase of the solar park, led by DEWA, ACWA Power and Gulf Investment Corporation, started working on the solar PV plant’s first 300MW, which are expected to start feeding the grid in 2021. Its full 900MW capacity is planned to be operational in 2023. ⁞ Another 300MW of solar PV capacity was added to the solar park when Shuaa Energy 2 commissioned its third and last phase, attaining the plant’s full operational capacity of 800MW and bringing the park’s installed capacity to 1015MW, a step closer to the planned 5GW by 2030. ⁞ Meanwhile, on a plot nearby within the park’s boundaries, Noor Energy 1 lifted its molten salt receiver onto a central tower and progressed with its first phase of solar panels, working towards commissioning 100MW CSP and 217MW PV capacity by the end of 2021. 23      5GW by 2030   RSB 17  

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