Page 18 - RSB Annual Report 2020 English
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SUSTAINABLE POWER PRODUCTION   ⁞ Roughly 50km east of the solar park, Hassyan Energy Phase 1 made progress on the 2,400MW clean coal plant and completed 600MW of its production capacity towards the end of 2020, a few months later than planned. The next 600MW phase is expected to be commissioned towards mid - 2021. ⁞ Aside from the DEWA independent power producer programme, other electricity generation plant with positive environmental impact were developed in 2020, mainly driven by Dubai Municipality.  ⁞ Veolia Gulf Energy was commissioned by Dubai Municipality to develop a biogas power generation plant at its Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) in Al Aweer. The purpose is to utilize the biogas produced from the STP as an energy source to be used at the treatment plant. Veolia Gulf Energy was granted a 6MW generation licence by the RSB in June. ⁞ Dubai Municipality also progressed the waste-to- energy (WtE) plant at its existing waste management site in Warsan 2, next door to the STP. The proposed plant will treat close to 2 mega tonnes of municipal solid waste per year and generate around 200MW of electricity largely to be used on site. The Dubai Waste Management Company, which was formed to implement the project, applied to the RSB for a generation licence and is expected to be licensed early 2021. This was a significant development and raised novel legal and technical issues, which were successfully managed through collaboration between the RSB and concerned government entities. 6MW             2Mega Tonnes 200MW                             18 RSB  

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