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SUSTAINABLE POWER PRODUCTION    ⁞ As shown in Figure 1, independent power producers licensed under the IPP Law will represent almost a third of the power capacity available in Dubai by the time they are all commissioned in 2024, a total of 5,465MW. The addition of further capacity is likely before that date as solar PV, in particular, becomes the least cost means of meeting Dubai’s energy needs. ⁞ We continued to collect reports on operational and health and safety performance from licensees where applicable, focusing on key performance indicators from those licensees who have started operating their plant. The data collected include the number of near misses, lost time injuries (LTI), serious injuries, and fatalities. ⁞ Our licensees’ operational plant reported no LTIs or more serious incidents in close to a million man-hours in 2020. That only five near misses were reported may still reflect a tendency to under-record near misses. In general, however, we saw improvements in the performance reports we received. ⁞ Additionally, in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, we urged our licensees to take necessary precautions and follow the rules and official advice on prevention and infection control measures at their facilities. The aim of such measures was to ensure the safety of staff, contractors and visitors, whilst, so far as possible, allowing construction and operations to continue as normal. We also invited reporting on cases within the licensees’ workforce and impact on their activities. We were pleased to see only a few cases arising throughout the year, all of which were reportedly well controlled and managed.        20 RSB  

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