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⁞ Figure 9 shows a comparison between Etihad Energy Services (EES) EPC activities and those of private ESCOs. EES’s 14 projects employed 73% of the cumulative investments in EPC activity to date and covered 650 buildings versus 231 covered by private ESCOs. In terms of energy savings, EES projects’ share of the savings targeted by EPC activity was 63%, whereas they achieved 57% of the corresponding actual energy savings in 2020. They were responsible for 83% of target water savings and 85% of actual savings. No. of Projects 8% No. of Buildings Total Investment Energy Savings Achieved Energy Savings Water Savings Achieved Water Savings › Figure (9) Etihad ESCO and Other ESCOs Energy Performance Contracts ⁞ The payback period for retrofit projects was calculated at a little over three years as shown in Figure 10. Non-EPC projects aim for 1.8 years in payback (up from 1.5 in 2019), whereas EPC projects remain at 3.7 years to achieve payback, on average. However, with EPC projects actual savings are measured and verified, and either guaranteed, or shared with the client with no investment required by them, features unlikely to be offered with non-EPC projects. Annual Report 2020       63% 92%   74% 26%   73% 27%   37%   57% 43%   83% 17%   85% 15%                 RSB 27  

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