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⁞ In last year’s report we described a proposed incentive scheme for facility managers to raise the energy performance of buildings. The updated demand-side management strategy recognized that significant energy savings were available by improving the operation and maintenance of buildings’ systems and, to this end, the RSB canvassed the views of accredited ESCOs, FM companies and associations, and consultants to develop such a scheme. ⁞ Whilst Dubai’s building design requirements set high expectations for energy performance, if it is not properly installed, commissioned, operated and maintained, high performing equipment can quickly fall into disrepair. The result is that indoor air quality and energy efficiency deteriorate, driving up the whole life cost of the building and worsening the experience and health of occupants. Data from the Land Department shows that energy and water costs typically account for at least 50% of total service charges. Financing Mechanisms Design & Build Annual Report 2020           Performance Disclosure  Decommission & Operate & Maintain Appliance & Equipment     Pricing DemolishRefurbish & Behavioural Change Standards  Upgrade       › Figure (12) Significant gains are available by focusing on the O&M phase of the life cycle of buildings Capacity Building Building Codes  RSB 31  

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