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 ⁞ The final scheme design includes a six-part assessment, three elements of which are common to our ESCO accreditation scheme and three tailored to facility managers’ energy capability: The scheme was presented to November’s meeting of the Supreme Council of Energy and approved for launch in the first quarter of 2021. ⁞ An association of district cooling operators was also conceived during the review of the DSM programme in 2019. The RSB, acting as secretary to the association, developed the group’s Terms of Reference and in September the association held its inaugural meeting. The objectives of the group are to deliver energy savings by improving the awareness of DC, sharing its benefits with consumers, and working to increase the scope for retrofitting buildings with DC services. Following the first meeting members developed a work plan which is scheduled to be reviewed at the second meeting planned for early 2021. ⁞ We revisited our 2015 study of Cooling Market Technologies and Market Share to bring the data up to date. Whilst plans to collect data in the field were foiled by the Covid-19 pandemic, we were able to embark on a survey of cooling technology market share. Initial responses had been received by the end of the year. ⁞ Over the past five years we have witnessed a gradual increase in the market share occupied by district cooling. In addition, our survey indicates that other efficient technologies, such as VRF, are gaining market share. We recognize that district cooling may not be the appropriate solution for all cooling needs, so we are pleased to see that energy efficient, smaller scale cooling solutions are gaining ground. The survey is ongoing and we expect to provide an update in the first part of 2021. Annual Report 2020 RSB 33 

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