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EFFICIENT COOLING        ⁞ We discovered that operation and maintenance practices leading to poor energy efficiency are widespread. Unbalanced HVAC systems lead to poor distribution of cooling energy, low delta T and increased pumping costs. Leaky buildings increase cooling demand and reduce indoor air quality. Dirty or blocked condenser coils or air filters reduce system efficiency and exacerbate wear and tear on cooling apparatus. ⁞ Following extensive consultation during 2020 we developed an incentive scheme with these characteristics: • a voluntary accreditation scheme (reflecting the success of the ESCO and Energy Auditors schemes); • scheme requirements that are stretching but achievable by a significant portion of FM companies; • a focus on actual operational performance assessed through a combination of documentation and                                site visits; • open to in-house FM teams. ⁞ Ultimately, we aim to have accreditation established as a precondition by building owners for engaging with FM companies on energy matters. We also want to explore the opportunity to have energy performance explicitly incentivised in facility management contracts, something which is currently rare. Assessments common to our ESCO scheme Authorised to carry on business in Dubai Health and Safety Performance Operational Structure Assessments tailored to the FMs’ energy capability Staff capability Experience Energy management system                                  32 RSB   

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