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ESCO Accreditation

The accreditation scheme aims to give prospective clients confidence in contracting with ESCOs by recognizing companies which have: appropriately qualified personnel in the organization; robust financial status; and a track record of successfully delivering energy saving projects in Dubai.

List of accredited ESCOs

Terms and Conditions

The RSB’s online application process guides applicants through the various documents required for submission depending on the type of application. All documents submitted via the secure portal are held in strict confidence and are only used for the purpose of assessing the application.

In all cases applicants are required to submit a declaration confirming compliance with the scheme terms and conditions.

Details of terms, conditions, the application process and the declaration can be found in the following link:

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M&V Protocol

The Measurement and Verification Protocol provides a consistent method for calculating energy and water savings arising from Conservation Measures. The protocol enables changes to be taken into account to ensure that savings result from Conservation Measures. For example, using the protocol can attribute changes in energy consumption to changing occupancy or changing climatic conditions. However, to get the most out of this protocol it is essential to establish a good baseline period to ensure there is a clear understanding of current energy efficiency levels.

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Standard Contracts

We have designed two standard contracts which cater for the two main approaches to energy performance contracting: Shared savings, where the ESCO provides the financing, and Guaranteed savings, where the client provides financing.

These contracts are intended to be fair and balanced and allocate risk appropriately between ESCO and client.

Shared Savings Contract Guaranteed Savings Contract

Accreditation Logo

Organizations accredited from the RSB under its ESCO accreditation scheme are able to benefit from their accreditation status through the use of an ESCO Accreditation Logo. Only organizations accredited by the RSB may use the Logo: on stationery, quotations for work, reports, websites and brochures, and other items relevant to the organization’s accredited activity. The RSB has provided Accredited ESCOs with terms and conditions that must be followed for the use of the Logo.


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