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Energy Auditor Accreditation

An energy audit is the foundation for effective retrofit work. It is an inspection, survey and analysis of energy flows in a building, process or system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output(s). As a result it offers at a minimum a description of the building, its characteristics and its envelope, details of its energy and water consumption and costs, and subsequently recommendations for adequate technical and organizational measures to increase the energy efficiency of the audited building.

List of Accredited Auditors

The Energy Audit Firm Accreditation scheme is intended to ensure a minimum level of competency among energy auditing companies and the audit staff they employ. Audits carried out under the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy’s “Directive on Energy & Water Efficiency of Buildings for Government Entities in Dubai” will be performed by audit firms accredited under this scheme. Audit firms will be retained to carry out these audits and each audit will have to bear the signature of an auditor meeting the qualification requirements of this scheme. The Energy Audit Firm Accreditation scheme for Dubai sets out requirements and establishes criteria for the assessment and accreditation of Energy Audit Firms, and it is the basis upon which the register of Accredited Energy Audit Firms has been established. This accreditation scheme may be reviewed from time to time by the Energy Auditor Accreditation Board and revisions published on the RSB’s website.

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List of Accredited Auditors

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Accredited Auditor Valid Until Address

EESL Energy Solutions LLC

14 December 2023

Thanveer Hussain
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
PO Box: 50130
Tel: 043530013
Email: thanveer@eesl.ae

Khatib & Alami Copy

8 April 2023

Steve Edmondson – Senior Director
Tel: 04 425 2222
Email: dubai@khatibalami.com
Website: khatibalami.com

IREP Technical Services LLC

1 April 2024

Kumar Ponnurangam – Energy Manager
Tel: 800473736
Email: kumar.p@irepartners.com
Website: www.irepartners.com/

Nationwide Management Services LLC

29 July 2023

Muhammed Thaslim – Energy Manager
Tel: 04 384 0201
Email: muhammedt@nationwide.ae
Website: www.nationwide.ae

Star Property Inspection

8 April 2023

Christopher Lagason – Project Engineer
Tel: 056 441 2385
Email: christopher@starinspect.com
Website: www.starinspect.com

Smart Automation Energy

16 April 2022

Issa Azzar – Chief Executive Officer
Tel: 04 379 4984
Email: issa.azar@smartae.ae
Website: www.smartae.ae


16 October, 2022

Xavier Varghese – Customer Service Manager
Tel: 055 200 8376
Email: xavier.varghese@signify.com
Website: www.signify.com/en-ae

Siemens LLC

4 March, 2022

Parag Raul – Head Service
Tel: 055 200 2170
Email: parag.raul@siemens.com
Website: new.siemens.com/ae/en.html

Pactive Sustainable Solutions

16 April 2022

Naveen Gowd – Chief Executive Officer
Tel: 050 213 4856
Email: Naveen@pactivesolutions.com
Website: pactivesolutions.com

Land Sterling

16 April 2022

Toby Dovey – Building Surveying & Energy Services Manager
Tel: 04 380 8707
Email: toby.d@landsterling.com
Website: www.landsterling.com

Khatib & Alami

8 April 2023

Steve Edmondson – Senior Director
Tel: 04 425 2222
Email: dubai@khatibalami.com
Website: khatibalami.com

Johnson Controls

16 December 2021

Mustapha Aanzi – Energy Solutions Business, GCC
Tel: 04 381 7000
Email: mustapha.aanzi@jci.com
Website: www.johnsoncontrols.com