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Licensing Water Desalination

Independent water producers (IWP) are expected to play a significant role in the transition to RO and, being licensed by the RSB, they will have to meet technical standards contained in the IWPP Code. DEWA will remain the single buyer from utility scale water desalination plant in the Emirate.


The following legislation is particularly relevant to our role in the energy sector:

Law 19 of 2009 Establishing the Supreme Council of Energy

Executive Council Resolution 2 of 2010 Establishing the Regulatory and Supervisory Bureau for Electricity and Water Sector in Dubai

Law 6 of 2011 Regulating the Participation of the Private Sector in Electricity and Water Production in the Emirate of Dubai

Executive Council Resolution 43 of 2015 setting the fees to be charged by the Regulatory and Supervisory Bureau for the Electricity and Water Sector in the Emirate of Dubai

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Standards, Codes & Regulations

The IWPP Code provides for the introduction of independent water producers and the production of potable water through processes other than thermal desalination in cogeneration facilities. The code sets the connection and operating requirements with which licenced independent water producers are obliged to comply. The code is available via this link:

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The first independent water desalination licence is expected to be for the reverse osmosis plant at Hassyan.